Our New Installations Manager

Paul Lynch is our new Installations Manager! 

In honour of Paul’s appointment, we asked him to share his career journey: 

“From a young age, I was always mechanically, and practically, minded; building things, fixing bikes and cars with friends etc so a life in engineering was always to be.

After leaving school I started at York College studying motor vehicle maintenance, then, after 2 years I found employment as an apprentice Coach Builder which I thoroughly enjoyed.

5 years later I applied for a job as a welder fabricator with a leading engineering/fabrication company based in York.

I spent a couple of years in the workshop but wanted to progress and my natural curiosity in what I was building, and what it did, came to the forefront again.

An internal position came up for an installation engineer which I was successful with, and for me, this is what it was all about; variety, everyday challenges, different locations, different industries.

The role took me to parts of the UK & Europe installing steelwork, conveyors, silos, pipework, fitting, welding and fabricating. As a result, I developed a new skillset working with cranes and lifting equipment and became an AP (Appointed Person) dealing with complex lifts. 

I worked my way into a charge hand position where I had my own van with tools and a small crew of top blokes I then progressed to a supervisor, then installation manager following a company restructuring.

I first met with DVE whilst working on a large project the company I was working for was a part of. This partnership continued  with DVE supplying labour for many installations

Another role change meant me working with DVE was not really possible anymore but always maintained contact in some way.

Following redundancy, I was contacted by Chris Ashurst who offered me the chance to work for him and alongside many familiar faces from days gone by.

This was a no brainer for me, as I had a huge amount of respect for the way DVE conducted themselves on the sites and for the values they hold.

Having completed my level 6 in construction management, I am now eager to further my career development and aim for CIOB status”

Congratulations Paul! From all of us here at DVE, good luck!

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