Don Valley Engineering Ltd deliver the first of two Large Banana Screens to Dead Sea works Israel

Don Valley Engineering have been awarded two repeat orders, for the supply of two new Banana screens. The repeat orders come following years of successful operation of existing Large Banana screens on site at the Dead sea Works, Israel.
The first of the two new screens left the Doncaster works bound for Felixstowe, before being shipped to Ashdod Israel and then overland to the Dead sea works.
The new screens have been designed to dewater and handle Carnallite Slurry, a wet, abrasive and difficult to handle material and a key part of the dead sea works process. The screens will be required to function continuously, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, at rates in excess of  1500 cubic metres per hour.
Don Valley Engineering’s design team, demonstrate their expertise in Screen technology and screen design to lead the way for  custom built screens. Achieved through continuous development to improve the screens performance criteria as well as reliability by introducing new technology for continuous monitoring and state of the art design modelling to ensure the longevity of the screen and its performance. Image show the first of the two screens leaving the DVE Doncaster works bound for Israel.

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