Material Feeder concept to satisfy the demands of clients requiring a mobile solution to receive general bulk materials such as Coal, Aggregates and Alternative Fuels direct from tipping trucks.

  •  No deep pits
  •  No underground hoppers
  •  No expensive civil works
  •  Flexibility of location
  •  One piece integrated machine
  •  Receives direct from trucks
  •  Receives direct from shovels
  •  Controlled rate feeding
  •  Handles dry and dusty materials
  •  Easy maintenance
  •  Handles wet and sticky materials
  •  Reduced dust generation
  •  No risk of bridging or blockage
  •  Reduced energy consumption
  •  Fast truck discharge
  •  Easy housekeeping access
  •  Reliable in service
  •  Proven reference worldwide

The Don Valley Engineering Ltd. Bulk Reception Unloader can hold up to three truck loads of material on the Belts Apron, creating additional storage capacity. The unit can be fully open for non dusty material or totally enclosed and fitted with a dust exhaust and ventilation system, ATEX approved and designed for use with hazardous material like Wood Pellets and Bio-Mass fuels. The front of the unit can be fitted with a steel roller shutter door providing authorised safe access and a is a fully enclosed system. To the rear safe access to the drive stations and head drum for maintenance provides easy access. If more than one Bulk Reception Unloader is being used to receive different materials. The use of a traffic management system eliminates the risk of the wrong material being discharged into the wrong Bulk Reception Unloader by means of the use of an RDF card scanner and traffic light system.

  • The discharge of the Bulk Reception Unloader interfaces with existing Plant Belt Conveyors or with other mechanical transfer systems.
  • The BRU drive unit is powered by a variable speed electric drive motor and gearbox or by means of a Hydraulic Power Pack with Flow Control Valve.
  • Sensors located within the operating areas of the unit detach material build up and prevent system failures.
  • Levelling gate trims the height of the bed depth on the belt preventing fall back as the material rises up the inclined section providing a controlled method of feeding.

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