Standard Silos / Factory Built Silos

DVE can supply a range of quality, highly reliable discharge and high-performance silos to suit all types and quantities of material and the specific requirements of your process. Most of our silos are designed bespoke to address the needs of specific projects or customer requirements. They will be tailored to the type, quantity and critically the characteristics of the material to be stored. Choice of Silo Materials Each silo can be designed specifically for your project, and you can choose from carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium, depedning on the nature of the material you wish to store and your budget. All DVE silos are designed in to comply with the latest BSI, ISO, DIN and VDI standards for example EN1090.  Our silos are available in capacities to suit your needs, from as little as 10m3 up to >2,500m3. We can supply silos suitable for storing all types of bulk material. Key benefits of Don Valley Engineering

  • Process understanding, industry leading experience
  • Significant sector experience, mitigating potential risk
  • Cost effective standard solution

We are experts in Bespoke silos

  • Suitable for all dry bulk materials
  • Remove risk – we are the experts
  • Perfect for wide range of applications

Stainless Steel/Aluminium silos

  • Corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance silos for contamination-sensitive materials
  • Perfect for contamination-sensitive material, such as plastics, rubber, foodstuffs and chemicals
  • Long life for reduced whole life cost

Factory-built silos

  • Guaranteed quality
  • On-time, first time

All silos are fully compatible with our complete range of dischargers, conveyors and ancillary equipment, such as weighing and dosing systems. For more information contact us below:

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