Vibrating Dewatering Centrifuges / Coarse Coal Centrifuges

We design and manufacture the most efficient and robust vibrating coarse coal centrifuges and scroll centrifuges for the most demanding applications around the world.

Advantages of the Don Valley Engineering Coarse Coal Dewatering Centrifuge:-

  • Capacities up to 300 t.p.h.
  • Continuous separation of solids from liquids
  • Proven high-efficiency dewatering ability
  • Overload protected self-cleaning system
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • Lubrication failure cut-out (HSG Series)
  • Full Service Support
  • Spare Parts and Baskets always in Stock
  • Full Design and Installation Service

Our commitment to product development has resulted in our most recent coarse coal dewatering centrifuges providing increased economic savings, through the improved reduction of moisture from coal, and a wide range of minerals. Through excellence in design and engineering, these fully self-contained machines require only support structures and feed / discharge chutes, all of which can be included in a complete installation and commissioning package, provided by Don Valley Engineering or our regional representatives.

Description of Operation

Wet solids are presented continuously to the small diameter of a tapered wedge wire basket via the feed inlet. Solids are retained in the rotating basket and horizontal vibrations assist in transporting them to the large diameter open end. Water passes through the basket due to the high centrifugal forces produced.

Get Your Dewatering Centrifuge Specified by the Experts

Our application engineers will be pleased to provide you with specification for the best Dewatering Centrifuge for your requirements. Kindly provide the following basic information:-

  1. Type of material
  2. Size analysis of feed material
  3. Feed rate (t.p.h.)
  4. Separation sizes required
  5. Moisture content


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