Superveyor – Bespoke Belt Conveyors

Robust – Versatile – Reliable – Bespoke


The SUPERVEYOR is a versatile belt conveyor which can be adapted to a multitude of applications.

The main features are:-

  • Excellent value and cost of ownership
  • Very heavy duty
  • Modular drive and tension sections
  • Modular intermediate sections to suit the installation
  • Wide range of belt widths and types
  • Choice of weather/protective covers
  • Suitable for a variety of products

The basis of the belt conveyor is that the drive frame and tail frame are standard units in a range of belt widths to suit the tonnage and material to be conveyed. The belt conveyor length is made by utilising standard stringer sections. The belt conveyor can be supplied with a range of covers to suit customer’s individual requirements from full steel covers to netting covers, to simple wind boards. Steel covers can be fixed or hinged. Netting wind covers are stretched over the frame and secured to fixing bars. Wind boards can be any height or material and fixed in slots or with bolt fasteners. The belt conveyor is equipped with a belt cleaning system to suit the material being conveyed. Different materials require different types of cleaner from tangential, to secondary or brushes. We use both our own and the customers’ experience to select the most effective solution for belt cleaning. The belt conveyor is driven by a shaft mounted geared motor unit. The drive drum is rubber lagged to ensure positive drive to the conveyor belt, which in turn ensures consistent transfer of the product. The conveyor can be inclined at a range of angles to suit the application. Products which can be conveyed range from seeds, grain, malt, sand, aggregates, powders and many similar products.

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