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Banana Linear Motion Screens

Higher Feed Rate – Smaller Footprint – Higher Efficiency – Lower Power

Don Valley Engineering Banana Screens employ the latest technology in multi-angle machines which are capable of achieving exceptional throughputs for relatively small screening areas. The screens include a number of different screening angles with a wide variety of deck types and apertures to meet the particular process requirements. Banana Screens are sometimes also known as Multi Angle Screens or Multi Slope Screens. The Don Valley designs will accept most types of deck system including polyurethane, punched steel plate and wedge wire. Screens vary in size from 1600mm wide to 3400mm wide with masses up to 28 tonne.

  • Heavy Duty Screens for Heavy Duty Applications
  • Designed for all Screening Applications

The Banana Screen benefits from utilising linear motion combined with high vibration amplitude and high acceleration over the screen deck. This makes the Banana Screen suitable for a variety of applications. These combined features also reduce the possibility of blinding and pegging. The Benefits of Multi Angle Screening are:-

  • Improved efficiency in sizing material due to formation of a thin bed depth.
  • Lower water consumption, with wet screening.
  • Lower energy requirement, for an equivalent throughput on a conventional flat deck screen.
  • Higher feed rates for an equivalent deck area.

Get your Banana Screen Specified by the Experts! Our application engineers will be pleased to provide you with a fully detailed specification of the Banana Screens, based on receiving the following information:-

  • Type of material
  • Size analysis of feed material
  • Feed rate (TPH)
  • Separation sizes required
  • Moisture content

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