Dewatering Screens

Our range VS type dewatering screens has been designed specifically for the drainage of wet, often fine minerals, from the carrying fluid. To do this they employ a number of features including a sloping back panel to dewater the feed as it arrives at the machine, a rising inclined dewatering deck to create a deep dewatering zone from which the solids are extracted by the action of the machine, and variable height barriers to aid dewatering of the extracted mineral prior to discharge. VS type dewatering screens are produced in a number of standard sizes to meet typical production requirements and they can operate at high frequency when required by the process.

Screen Size DIM “A” mm DIM “B” mm Capacity TPH
VS 6/27.5 630 1200 63
VS 9/27.5 930 1500 93
VS 12/27.5 1230 1800 123
VS 15/27.5 1530 2100 153
VS 18/27.5 1830 2400 183
VS 9/36.6 930 1500 93
VS 12/30.5 1230 1800 123
VS 15/30.5 1530 2100 153
VS 18/30.5 1830 2400 183
VS 9/36.6 930 1500 93
VS 12/36.6 1230 1800 123
VS 15/36.6 1530 2100 153
VS 18/36.6 1830 2400 183
VS 21/36.6 2130 2700 213
VS 24/36.6 2430 300 243


 Ease of Maintenance

This has been a key design consideration for the screens, to provide minimum down-time and maximum operating time. Key features include:-

  • Quick and easy alteration of the screen deck angle to allow fine tuning to be carried out to maximise output and efficiency
  • The amplitude of the screen is easily adjustable to ensure that optimal efficiency is achieved
  • A polyurethane deck system, which is extremely secure whilst in use but is easily changed to suit varying conditions
  • The screen frame and body is all connected using a Huck bolt system to minimise the need for welding

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