Belt Feeders

Horizontal and Inclined Belt Feeders are predominantly used for extracting bulk materials from bunkers, hoppers and stock piles or for regulating feeds to screens, conveyors and crushers. They provide volumetric regulation of feed materials to prevent surges / choking.

Basic Design

Don Valley Belt Feeders incorporate a robust rolled steel chassis on which are mounted the drive and tail pulleys, along with the tail pulley tensioning device, belt idlers and skirt plates. Discharge chutework and fines-spillage chutework can also be mounted from this steel frame.

Control Philosophy

Belt Feeders regulate the flow of product based on material volume or weight:-

  • The belt speed and the output restrictor gate can be adjusted to provide an even volumetric feed
  • A belt weighing scale located on a conveyor downstream can provide feedback to the drive, controlling the tonnage
  • Rod Gates can be used to isolate the feed for maintenance

Drive Types

Various drive options are available to suit the application, environment, and / or cost requirements. Drive alternatives include electric motors, a reduction mechanism and often a speed adjusting device. Hydraulic Drives: provide the low-speed, high-torque capacities common on belt feeders. Their robust design, variable speed and ability to provide full starting torque for an unlimited time, provide advantages in this high-load application. Variable Speed Drives (VSD): Advances in technology and cost competitiveness has resulted in Variable Speed Drives being increasingly used on Belt Feeders. These drives consist of a motor coupled to a gear reduction unit, with the drive speed being controlled through a frequency invertor varying the electrical supply.

Control and Safety Equipment

All Don Valley Belt Feeders are supplied with factory-fitted pull-wire systems, belt alignment switches, and rotation sensors as standard. Additional optional control sensors include flow switches and blocked chute devices.

Bespoke Design

All of our Belt Feders are designed and built exactly to the requirements of the customer and the application, we can offer some of the largest and most robust Feeders for the most demanding applications around the world.

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