Heavy Duty Apron Feeder

Don Valley Engineering recently completed the design and manufacture of a bespoke heavy-duty Apron Feeder to supply mined limestone to a primary crusher at our client’s site in the north of England. With limestone rocks in excess of 1.5m diameter being dispatched from rear tipping trucks from a height of approximately 5m, the Apron Feeder needed to be able to withstand high impact and shock loads while providing a constant and accurate variable feed rate.
As a replacement for a previous long serving machine, the feeder had to be designed to suit an existing footprint as well as incorporating some existing equipment which would be reused to maintain the client’s budget. Innovative design and the use of specialist materials enabled Don Valley to overcome the design challenges and construct the feeder at their Doncaster workshop. following successful factory acceptance tests the feeder was dispatched in early January.
The challenge for the project would always be manoeuvring the 18-tonne feeder into its final position with limited access and navigating existing structures. With the expertise of Don Valley Engineering Construction, the feeder was lifted into position in one piece.