Large Belt Feeder for Iron Ore Mine in Africa

A major iron ore mining operation in Africa, commissioned Don Valley Engineering to design and build a bespoke, large and robust belt feeder. The feeder is designed to handle iron ore tailings of 2100 Kg/M3, and to provide 365 days per year continuous operation.

Belt Feeder - Big Unit(1)

“We were selected to work with the client on the basis of our long history and experience with all types and duties of feeders, and with a wide variety of mined and quarried materials. Added to this is our flexibility and adaptability to provide bespoke solutions with almost every machine we build, so that each matches exactly the conditions, process, and client requirements. And as with all of our machines, it was built in our UK facility and fully assembled and tested, prior to final QC inspection in preparation for shipping”, stated Grant Corbett, Business Development Manager, Don Valley Engineering.

Don Valley Engineering designs and builds some of the largest and most robust Belt Feeders, Vibrating Feeders, and Apron Feeders / Plate Feeders in the world.

Feeder - Complete - Cropped

Image above – the feeder complete with safety guards.

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